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Our Mission

In harmony with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, PreachingWoman.comâ„¢ aspires to be the premier website ministry which pours into the lives of women who live, study, and minister the infallible, Holy Word of the Living God.  We are called to nurture, enlighten, and embrace women in ministry from all denominations and cultures, whose purpose is to advance the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

PreachingWoman.comâ„¢ aims to educate and minister to the preaching woman's total man. We exist with the mandate to encourage women in ministry to experience a well-balanced life while intricately celebrating her holy essence, bountiful beauty, and uncanny ability to touch the heart strings of God and His people, as she ministers His Word.

We will Fulfill this mission through:

  • Providing inspirational words, teachings, devotionals, and trainings.
  • Teaching the disciplines of studying and delivering God's Word.
  • Explaining principles of ministry etiquette and protocol.
  • Providing sound resources, ministry links, and study helps.
  • Offering health and beauty regimens, accessories, and tips.
  • Creating a network of preaching women with a common Kingdom goal.
  • Praying for all women in the body of Christ who preach the Word.
  • Sowing into the Kingdom of God socially and financially.
  • Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world through our online efforts, community services, and mission projects.